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About Me

Venetia Ellis is a 2D/3D animator and story artist with a BFA in animation from Laguna College of Art + Design. Originally from Colorado, Venetia came to California to pursue her dream of becoming an animator. She finished her first film 'Lost in Übersetzung,' a story about how kindness translates into any language, which is currently circulating in festivals and won 3 awards.

Venetia has learned how to animate traditionally and digitally in both 2D and 3D software like DigiCel, Maya, TVPaint, ToonBoom, Adobe Animate, After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere.


Her passion for animation comes from her love of music, art and drama, areas Venetia has had a talent for since she was young. She continues to play piano and handbells, sing, and act outside of school. She's also a huge nerd, the social media coordinator for a pirate group (Port Royal Privateers), and you'll also see her floating around with a cape or cloak at networking events.

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